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Our vision is to make the world a better place

Vision 2029 builds upon our history of service to society and takes us to our 200th anniversary in 2029. It sets out our ambition to broaden the base of King’s. To extend our reach and expand access. To deliver an extraordinary student experience. And to strengthen how well we work together.

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Our progress and priorities

TEF student learning class group

We have developed new areas of outstanding quality and built on our existing areas of strength. We have strengthened partnerships in London and with our home boroughs. And we have shaped equitable global collaborations that respond to society’s challenges. In the years ahead, we will continue to advance our world-leading education, supporting our students to achieve their potential. We will uncover insights and develop solutions to accelerate global progress. We will serve the needs of society, delivering tangible impact locally, nationally and globally. We’re now in the next stage of our journey towards our 200th anniversary. King’s Strategy 2026 maps our priorities for the years ahead.

Strategy 2026: delivering our vision

Accelerating our response to the climate emergency

Through Strategy 2026 we are rapidly scaling our multidisciplinary research to respond to the climate and biodiversity crisis, as we embed sustainability into our teaching, partnerships, impact and operations. Leveraging the convening power of King’s in the UK and internationally, we work closely with governments and policy bodies to deliver strong, distinctive and visible contributions to the challenge of environmental sustainability and climate disruption. 

Climate and sustainability

Advancing and delivering our vision

Developing multidisciplinary excellence

Net Zero Centre

Underpinning solutions for addressing key environmental issues

Delivering impact at home and abroad


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